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Sophie Hearsey

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Kathleen suspected her fella was with his floozy. But where? Then an odd address popped up on her car's sat nav - and she hit the gas...
Lisa had met Simba on a dating site, and now she was pregnant with his baby. But why wouldn't he go to the hospital with her?
6 proposlas, 1 wedding
Her partner kept on popping the question. But there was a huge reason why Emma said no every time...
When Shaaba made friends with a girl at college, she had no idea the relationship would end up blossoming...
I can't believe I'm kissing YOU!
As Katie locked lips with Jack, she felt so lucky. After all, he was 13 years younger...
STABBED on Valentine's Day
It was the most romantic day of the year, but Tammy's fella was getting agitated...